A downloadable game

Sadly I couldn't finish the game in time (I won't be able to work on the game more before the deadline), the enemy is facing the wrong way, and the spawning system isn't working :/

Also I didn't have any time to implement shooting (and make a level design) so it's just chasing a tetrahedron who doesn't know what he's doing here I guess

Basically it's just a proof of concept that's not even finished on the basics, oof

I'll finish it when I'll have the time to

The concept is that you're chased by enemies and you can only see while in range of an antenna and shoot while not so you'll have to remember their position and use terrain to clear the waves of enemies and score points (another thing I couldn't add, friccin' physics and vector errors wasting my precious time)


ShameOnMeIGuess.rar 8 MB


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There Is 2 days left btw.

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Yeah I know but I was away from home for these two days unfortunately

Thanks for the follow by the way :)

thanks ..  please check my games also

Okey, I'll do :)