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In this game made in 4h for the Very First Extra Credits Game Jam, you control three ice cream cones that are searching for the best associations of flavours between blue, green and red. Be careful however, don't waste ice cream or you will get punished by a big fat L and have to start again! Try to get a high score with the following combos:

50 points for all three of the same flavour

100 points for all three flavours

10 points if your cone contains the same flavour twice

Hope you'll enjoy it :)


- AltF4 to quit, the escape key doesn't do anything

- the score system is a bit slow to start working due to communication between scripts with GameObject.Find

- playing with a 16:9 resolution is highly recommended to have the best GUI placement, I'm still a noob with Unity and the canvas is blowing my mind lulz

- lots of Ls in the screenshots, yeah, but the RNG wants to kill me or something xD

- no audio because I don't know how to put one and what to put so you can play your own Initial D music over it

Install instructions

Unzip the rar file and launch the executable


Alluysl-CoolorfulIceCreams.rar 8 MB

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